Friday, October 16, 2015 -

Weka Wars

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Recently, we have had a intruder on our land, of the Rail family. No it was not that hopefull crake I heard, but a young, male weka.
Of course we already have a weka pair; a old male with a younger female. They had 3 chicks.
 Two Bananas, the old male, disappeared for a few days while One Banana, the female, hung out with her shy new mate. I have only seen one of the chicks since.
 Taking One Banana meant there must have been a fight, so now Two Bananas has returned there is plenty of signs of it. He now lives around the house, very scared of the other weka. (Though not so much of us). This new young male is very shy around people, even One Banana does not come close as much because of him.
 So I think "No Bananas" killed the other two chicks (they were large), but at least Two Bananas has survived.
 I'll kept you updated on No Bananas and his mate as I'm sure they will hang around, maybe with new chicks later on.
Two Bananas wounds. He is currently blind in his right eye, but that is because of a mushed up face, so he seems to be getting better