Thursday, August 20, 2015 -

Preparing for Aussie birds

PictureLately I've been preparing well in advance for birding in Australia next year. As the trip to the sewage ponds was rained on (I did not see the cattle egrets either) I still thought I'd better write some thing!.......

There are a lot of passarines and parrots in Australia. The small, brown birds look rather confusing!
 I had to choose a field guide, so I got the Field Guide to the Birds of Australia by Simpson and Day. I have been getting this guide out from the library for years, so I'm already familiar with it. (I'll do a review on it later)
 So far I've chosen several places to go including Mary Cairncross scenic reserve, Noosa Bird trail, Lake Baroon, and Oxley Creek Common. I also have two target species so far, White-bellied Sea-eagle and Wompoo Fruit-Dove. They are relatively common species so they should not be to hard to get.
 I'm really excited about the new birds and harder birding, even though it will only last two weeks!