Thursday, September 10, 2015 -

I love sewage ponds

On Monday we went to Nelson Sewage ponds and the local Birds New Zealand (OSNZ) meeting.
The sewage ponds is a great place for birds! It is filled wetland birds like waterfowl, gulls, waders and swallows.
 White-faced Herons and both Gulls feed on the mud area in Nelson Haven. Welcome Swallows and the White-Winged Black Tern fly over the ponds drinking and feeding. New Zealand Scaup, Mallard, Australasian Shoveler, and Grey Teal are presant on the small ponds, where as mainly just NZS on the large treatment plant. There are also several pairs of Black Swan with cygnets.
 No other great birds other than the WWBT. The Australasian Coot and New Zealand Dabchick were not spotted. Nor did I get any Cirl Buntings, but I had a great time!

 Oh we went to a friend's house too. Sorry the pics are not great.