Monday, November 17, 2014 -

Hoddy Estuary Park (again!!)

 Ahh! Hoddy Park again!
  I just love that place. Not so much writing this time
Oh, there was a (unidentified) grebe on the pond. I amage she would have been a New Zealand dabchick.
Oooh, wups, just got very side tracked by BirdingNZ.  Any way I saw loads more species such as Austlasian Harriers and Californa Quail. Sorry about the photos. We went during the heat of the day, so my photos are not as good as they could be.
There were way more Scaup this time. A group of eight Paradise Shelduck was on the neighbors land, 7 males and a female. I also saw a pair of Scaup with 5 or so chicks.
 I am going to draw the
heron to the right. I should
really  post some of my
drawings on here....

 Any way time to go...WAIT!!!!
 all the photos are from Hoddy park.

Now.. Time to go...