Monday, August 04, 2014 -

A walk in the bush

Tree language ( looks a little like
In the afternoon I took the dog for a walk. First we saw a beautiful male robin. He sat in all the perfect places, but he went there to fast. I was rather disappointed. Next I saw a handsome male tomtit whom I would have got a photo of if the camera had focused. Later on the track Two Bananas popped out of the bush. "Finally," I thought " a bird I can get a photo of ."
 As we neared the end of the walk I heard a song. So I went on a wild thrush chase. I went along the track to the place where he was, which was a long way back. He was on a far away branch. I got my camera, but by the time I had pressed the button he had gone. So I followed him to his next perch, and the next, until I got to where I had started. I could not be bothered to continue so I took his advise;I retreated.